Stake $DUET and Earn up to 75% Fixed APR on Solv

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4 min readMar 11, 2022


It’s Duet Protocol’s honor to launch its staking program on Solv Protocol using the Vesting Voucher function. With this, users can stake the DUET token and earn an APR of up to 75%. Staking is based on a “first-come, first-served” basis with an upper limit. How to get the reward, please see the instructions below.

What is the Vesting Voucher?

The Vesting Voucher could be used in a staking program. Simply put, you can take the Vesting Voucher as an NFT box with some project tokens locked inside and the vesting rules written on the box. The tokens inside will be released according to the vesting rules.

Take this DUET Voucher as an example. The 1 million DUET Tokens it represents will be released on September 11th, 2022 as written on the Voucher. This Voucher can be used to claim the DUET tokens it represents after the release date or can be traded on the Solv Marketplace freely before the release date. Anyone who wished to claim the DUET tokens after the release date will need to hold this DUET Vesting Voucher till the end and the released tokens are only claimable for the Voucher holders.

What’s the reward like?

It is basically an activity of staking DUET tokens and getting rewards. Users can use the DUET tokens in their wallets to purchase the DUET Vesting Voucher. Let’s again take this 6 Months Staking above as an example. Users can get 1 DUET token released on September 11th, 2022 for every 0.7407 DUET token he/she pays today, which implies an APR of 75%.

How to buy a DUET Voucher?

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to use DUET Vouchers to earn profits.

The table below is the Staking Period, APR, Total amount, and the LinkClick on the corresponding link. Choose the one you prefer and let’s get started!

The voucher for 1 month:

The voucher for 3 months:

The voucher for 6 months:

Let’s take 6 Months Staking for example. If you click the link, you will see the information on the interface:

Release Time: 2022–09–11

Unit Price: 0.7407 DUET

(This means every 0.7407 DUET token you pay today means 1 DUET token released on September 11th, 2022, which implied an APR of 75%. )

Enter the amount you want to buy and click the “Buy” button.

Voila! You’ve got your first DUET Vesting Voucher.

And then go to “My Asset” — “Vesting Voucher” and you can find your DUET Voucher there.

How to claim DUET tokens when on release day?

Go to Page “My Asset” — “Vesting Voucher” and find the DUET Voucher.

Click on the “Claim” button” when it’s claimable.

How to list your Voucher on the Solv Marketplace?

Click the three dots right next to the claim button.

Click on the “List” button, select the “Payment Currency” and set a “Unit Price”.

Then list on the Solv Marketplace whenever you want to sell this Voucher.

Hope this is clear enough for you to go on this staking adventure! Let us know if you have any questions through the social channels listed below. See you on the Moon!

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Duet protocol is a Parallel Universe that turns flat assets into sharp assets. It’s a synthetic asset minter built on a Yield Aggregator that automates the process of yield farming, maximizes its returns, and releases additional liquidity to the users.

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About Solv Protocol

Solv Protocol is a decentralized marketplace for minting, trading, and managing NFTs that represent financial rights in DeFi. Solv’s current financial NFT products are Vesting Voucher, is an NFT that can lock ERC-20 tokens, customizable in a number of specifications including flexible vesting schedules and release modes, and Convertible Voucher, a bond-like NFT featuring a redemption method that hinges on a price range and the future price of the underlying.

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