From 0 to 100,000 Followers

Since the first tweet on April 1st, 2021, Duet Protocol has achieved a growth of over 100,000 followers on Twitter and Telegram in just over two months.

Duet is a multi-chain synthetic assets protocol. It is committed to building a parallel financial universe governed by DAO, which enables free conversion between Flat Assets (traditional assets) and Sharp Assets (crypto assets). This way, Duet taps the potential of crypto stores of value while delivering more underlying assets of high quality to the entire crypto ecosystem.

Behind the exponential growth is not only the unique glamour of Duet in blockchain but also the deep involvement and continuous contribution of its community members. Thanks to their efforts, Duet has plenty of ecological activities and an active community atmosphere. Standing at this historic juncture, let us review the community events that we have gone through together, and discover the secret of Duet Protocol becoming “Blockchain Famous”.

Previous Community Events

To motivate participants to establish DuFi (Duet Finance) ecosystem with joint efforts, Duet has launched several community activities. In total, more than 5000 Dueters have received unexpected gifts. Some of these activities are over, and some are still unfolding continuously.

  1. Duet Protocol 100 global AMA’s(Ongoing)

On May 9th, 2021, Duet participated in the first AMA with CryptoLibrary with over 20,000 active members and so far participated in more than 100 AMAs. AMAs aim to convey Duet’s idea to different Crypto communities as well as KOL and attract more members to join the Duet community. Every AMA has received great questions from the community members. Each question, be it technical or amateur, helps us discover the strengths and weaknesses of Duet and enables us to think and optimize products from the perspective of users.


2. Duet MEME Contest (Over)

On May 1st in 2021, Duet MEME Contest organized by DCI (one of Duet investors) received hundreds of fascinating Duet MEMEs, which made us feel the powerful creativity of the Duet community.


3. Duet Airdrop (Over)

On May 11th in 2021, Duet launched the first round Airdrop among its community and received 22000 retweets. What’s more, lucky users claimed different amounts of Duet token rewards, ranging from 15 to 40 Duet.


4. Duet X Drep Airdrop (Over)

On May 18th in 2021, Duet Protocol and its partner Drep launched an airdrop. The two airdrops attracted more than 70000 users to participate, and more than 3000 Dueters in total received Airdropped tokens.


5. Duet X DoraHacks NFT BUIDL (Ongoing)

From June 4th in 2021, users can buy NFT BUIDL of Duet Protocol through HackerLink. NFT BUIDL is an alternative financing and price discovery mechanism for open source projects based on NFT and simplified Harberger Tax. Its vision is to continuously fund the open-source project and developers. At present, more than 10 projects have minted NFT BUIDL through HackerLink. With a rise of 405%, Duet Protocol has become one of the most popular NFT on DoraHacks.


6. Duet X CoinMarketCap Airdrop (Over)

Duet X CoinMarketCap Airdrop started from 00:00 UTC on June 6th and closed until 23:59 on June 10th, with a total amount of 40,000 DUET tokens. 2000 lucky winners were selected to claim Duet tokens at Duet’s partner Drep. Participants in Hackerlink BUIDL Duet NFT auctions all had the chance to get the Airdrop.


7. Duet Daily Quiz (Ongoing)

In order to allow community members to contribute more actively to the Duet community, Duet launched the Daily Quizz-a daily Q&A event held in the Duet Discord group. Dueters who answer with a high accuracy will win official DUET rewards.


8. Muse Museum Cooperation (Ongoing)

Duet Protocol and well-known financial institutions have jointly released an in-depth research report on over-collateralization and asset mapping for the first time in the industry. This 17-page report systematically analyzes and summarizes the value support of related tokens, as well as the ebb and flow of DeFi and traditional markets. It also makes a groundbreaking proposal that Bitcoin is the core value anchor and that synthetic assets serve as the bridge to link traditional financial markets, which provide many valuable issues for the open financial field.


9. Duet Video Series (Ongoing)

On May 28th in 2021, Duet Protocol released its first video promo on Youtube. From Prometheus to Copernicus and then to Satoshi Nakamoto, the video employed the stories of these pioneers to vividly elaborate the tremendous innovation in the traditional finance brought forth by DeFi and synthetic assets, which has resulted in 5000+ subscriptions.


Upcoming events in the future

Duet is committed to building a parallel financial universe governed by DAO, which enables free conversion between Flat Assets (traditional assets) and Sharp Assets (crypto assets). Users can configure global core assets through only one crypto wallet. Duet will release the first version of “Zerogoki” in mid-June, and welcome all the Dueters to participate in the test drive of Zerogoki at that time.

As the Beta version of Duet’s official product, Zerogoki carries not only test functions, but more of Duet’s innovation and pilot plant. Drivers of Zerogoki can experience the charm of Duet up close in advance, and will have the opportunity to get more incentives and rewards as well.

Stay updated on the Duet’s progress by following on social media channels and communities.








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