Duet Protocol & DeSyn Protocol Partnership Announcement

We are excited to announce that DeSyn Protocol and Duet Protocol have reached a technical partnership. DeSyn Protocol is an ETF/portfolio trading platform, we are willing to invite institutions and individuals to tokenize their assets and free trade on the DeSyn platform.

In this collaboration, Duet Protocol will put their asset in an ETF format and have them trade and make the market on DeSyn platform. While doing this, Duet can easily use the ETF to do risk hedging and will speed up their development.

What Problems Does DeSyn and Duet Protocol Aim to Solve and their Solutions?

There are the following issues on the market which need to be solved:

For Liquidity providers:

  • Fragmented liquidity
  • Lack of capital efficiency
  • Limited types of collaterals as reserve

For Investors:

  • Cognitive overload
  • Lack of vehicle to invest easily
  • KOLs lacks a channel to manage their own portfolio derivatives and get followers
  • ​​The operation of Ethereum virtual machine(EVM) has made the Transactions Cost extremely high
  • Projects Lack Of Channels To Promote Tokens

Our Solutions

To solve the liquidity providers’ problems mentioned above, Duet protocol establishes a synthetic assets minter built on a Yield Aggregator that automates the process of yield farming, maximizes its returns and releases additional liquidity to the users.

In the short run, the receipt token holder can enhance their returns by utilizing stablecoins minted with Duet protocol. Receipt tokens include but are not limited to ERC20 tokens, swap LPs, PoS farming receipts and saving receipts. Governance staking receipts and even real world assets will be gradually supported by the protocol as a reserve asset. In the long run, Duet will become the entrance of liquidity providing, the reserve capital system that supplies liquidity to almost all DeFi protocols whilst generating a world of synthetic assets whose values are 100% backed by its reserves.

Website: duet.finance

About Duet Protocol

Duet Protocol (Duet) is a synthetic asset protocol built on a capital reserve system and a yield aggregator that unleashes liquidity to DeFi protocols. Our vision is to establish a parallel financial universe where users can easily have access to all sorts of valuable assets with multiple characteristics around the globe.

Duet treats single assets such as BTC/USDT/DAI and receipt tokens such as WBNB-BUSD LP as collateral, and credits users could generate liquidity in forms of synthetic stablecoins and other synthetic assets. In the long run, it’s the DAO community members that pick collaterals to include and synthetic assets to supply through voting. By connecting the fragmented liquidity on chain, Duet enables investors to allocate assets and manage risk exposures of different asset classes, with just one digital wallet.

Website: https://duet.finance/

About DeSyn Protocol

DeSyn Protocol is a DeFi protocol that allows users to create and trade pools-based assets such as ETFs/Portfolios, levered assets, and more via smart contract. Additional features include multi-asset liquidity pools, dynamic routing AMM, coupled with a super easy interface, and carefully designed platform tokens inside our economic model, which leads to evolutionary success.

Website: https://desyn.io/


For the latest updates and exciting news, stay tuned on Duet

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Duet Protocol

Duet Protocol

Duet is world’s first multi-chain synthetic assets ecosystem, enabling pegged assets from various markets including stocks, indexes, ETFs, and commodities #web3