Duet Airdrop “How to” Guide

A step by step guide to help the community members receive $DUET airdrop

After the success of 1st Airdrop of Duet, we decided to give another chance to our beloved community members who couldn’t participate in the last airdrop.

This time we are doing airdrop in collaboration with DREP Foundation with whom we announced our partnership recently.

  1. To participate the first step is to join the DREP bot telegram account at : t.me/DREP_Airdrop_Bot
  2. Click on start

3. Enter the verification code

4. Complete the tasks to go to next step:

5. Click missions to register DUET airdrop

6. Complete tasks to register and click check to view your status

7. After you finish all the tasks, the system will take some time to verify the results of your tasks. After your results are verified, the bot will PM you and lead you to submit your airdrop address.

Please note:

Only the lucky participants will get the message from bot to drop the airdrop address.


  1. Can I refer others to join this airdrop and receive rewards?

Yes. By using your referral link and inviting your friends to join our airdrop, you can receive 0.5 DUET tokens for each referral and up to 50 referrals. Please note that the referred person is required to complete the mandatory tasks at least and submit his/her details to the bot.

2. When do I receive the airdrop tokens?

Airdrop rewards will be distributed to your wallet address on July 10th and 2,500 lucky people will be rewarded.

3. Token Details:

Token Name: Duet Protocol

Symbol: DUET

Token Network: ERC20

Decimals: 18

Contract address: https://etherscan.io/token/0xd69ae79b01c4af7f19b9a824e5643363b202b3a1

For latest update and exciting new, stay tuned Duet

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Duet protocol is a synthetic asset protocol that allows traditional assets to migrate to high-growth crypto-assets