CMC and DREP Airdrop — DUET claim guide

A simple guide to help the winners claim DUET through DREP bot

If you are selected the winner in the CoinMarketCap Airdrop or the DREP Foundation Airdrop, please follow the steps below to follow the DUET reward

Winners also included the buyers and participants who took part in the HyperLink NFT event with doraHacks

Step 1: Go to this link

Step 2: Connect to your wallet (Metamask Official)

Step 3: Go to the Airdrop rewards section

Step 4: Check your reward amount

Step 5: Claim the reward by paying the gas fee in ETH and add the DUET in your wallet.

How to add DUET in Metamask?

Step 1: Go to Metamask Official in expand view

Step 2: Add Token

Step 3: Go to the Custom Token

Step 4: Add DUET address 0xd69ae79b01c4af7f19b9a824e5643363b202b3a1

Step 5: Click on Next

Step 6: Add Tokens and DUET will be added in your account

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