Announcing the $DUET IFO on PancakeSwap

We are glad to announce that Duet protocol has been chosen as the next project to be launched on PancakeSwap

With nearly 99% YES voting, which is almost unanimous approval from the PancakeSwap community, Duet Protocol successfully got the chance to launch its public offering on Pancakeswap, which is the largest public offering event on the thriving BNB Chain (previously BSC) ecosystem. Following the offering, 2.43% of the total token supply will be circulating in the market, with an initial market cap of 3.06 million USD.

IFO details

  • Sale start time: 9:00 UTC, Friday, 11 March 2022;
  • Sale end time: 10:00 UTC, Friday, 11 March 2022;
  • IFO CAKE Pool Calculation Period: 8:00 UTC, Sunday, 06 March 2022 to 3:00 UTC, Friday, 11 March 2022;
  • Amount to be raised: 1,800,000 USD worth in CAKE tokens;
  • Tokens to be sold: 6,000,000 DUET (1.43% of initial DUET total supply);
  • Token Price: 1 DUET = $0.30 USD.

DUET Token Distribution

To participate in the IFO:

Before Sale:

  • Stake CAKE in the IFO CAKE Pool during the Calculation Period;
  • Create an active PancakeSwap profile;
  • Buy CAKE tokens.

During Sale:

While the sale is live (9:00–10:00 UTC, 11 March 2022), commit your CAKE tokens to buy DUET tokens at


When the sale is complete, you can claim your DUET tokens. The unspent funds will be sent back to you.

Voila! You are all set!

If you want to get some CAKE before the IFO starts, you can stake them here to earn CAKE token rewards while waiting for the sale.

Pancakeswap will start the DUET-CAKE farm, as well as the Syrup pools soon after the IFO, wraps up. Juicy APY is expected to be 4 or even 5 digits.

Besides, Duet will also start a staking pool for users to further enhance their returns. APY is expected to be up to 70%, with DUET staking alone. More details will be disclosed in a separate tweet later. Please stay tuned for future updates.



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Duet Protocol

Duet Protocol

Duet is world’s first multi-chain synthetic assets ecosystem, enabling pegged assets from various markets including stocks, indexes, ETFs, and commodities #web3