Announcing Duet Protocol Beta Public Test

Participate in Duet’s Beta version’s Public Test to Win Limited NFTs and DUET Airdrop

Duet Protocol
6 min readJan 21, 2022


Duet Protocol, the first synthetic asset protocol built on an over-collateralization model and a Yield aggregator, will officially launch its Beta version testing on January 22, 2022, at 8:00 a.m. UTC. Duet Protocol Beta Version comprises key modules including the synthetic stablecoin dUSD based on vAMM model, an over-collateralization model which supports the LP and receipts as collaterals, as well as the synthetic assets(dAssets) module.

We sincerely welcome all users to participate in the Duet public test event. We have prepared gifts and rewards for the participants with top scores, the rewards not just include limited edition NFTs but also DUET’s airdrop events.


January 22,2022, 8 a.m~January 31,2022, 8 a.m(UTC)

Please click Rules on the Faucet page to learn more about the events.

Types of Events :

Event 1: Experience and promote Duet beta version to win Duet airdrop and limited edition NFTs


Duet airdrop whitelist and limited edition NFT sponsored by SuperHero NFT Wars


During the event, all users can participate in the Duet Beta version testing and earn scores by completing interactive actions such as “Mint, Redeem,Borrow and Repay” and sharing exclusive Duet inviter links and author links to invite more users to participate in the test. At the end of the event, participants with the top 20 points in total will receive limited edition NFTs and the top 1–100 will receive DUET airdrop.

The reward will be distributed as follows:

Scores details

You can earn scores/points in the following ways:

1. Access to Duet dApp and share Duet onboard links:

After accessing Duet dApp and connecting your wallet successfully, you are able to generate your exclusive Duet inviter URL(Duet inviter link).

You can only interact with those dashboards after connecting your wallet by clicking the “Connect wallet” button in the upper right corner of the page.

To install Metamask wallet in your browser, you may click the link below:


After connecting, the page will automatically load your wallet address to generate an inviter link and Author Link.

If you want to participate in the Duet Beta version test campaign, please copy the inviter link. The inviter link, which is connected with your wallet address, will be tracked with the number of invitees and the points you earn according to the rules.

If you want to participate in the Article inviter contest, please copy the Author Link to make a record of the number of people introduced by your link.

You will get a maximum of 1 score if your invitee conducts any effective interaction, there is no upper limit of the number of your invitees.

2. Get the test tokens

You can earn 1 score each time when applying for the test token (each user can only get the test token twice with an interval of 24 hours), 3 scores the maximum (earn 1 score each time when applying for the test token).

1)Click Get Test Token

2)Then click the button next to the token to import the token into your wallet

If you don’t have test BNB, please click Get TBNB to get the test BNB

3. Duet dApp interaction

You can earn scores for each successful interaction with the Duet dApp. Please click DApp and join

You can earn a maximum of 93 scores by completing dApp interactions, and there is no upper limit for the scores generated by referring users.

In this part, the scores can be divided into two ways:

1)Earn score by yourself: a maximum of 93 scores, each specific interaction is capped with a maximum score count as shown in the table below

2)Referral score: No upper limit

Interactions and relevant scores:

For a detailed guide on how to interact with Duet dApp, please visit our user guide:

Event 2. Bug Bounty


You will get 10 Duet token for every bug that you find and gets verified by the team.

How to participate?

If you find any bug during Duet Beta testing, please submit it with a brief description to us through the questionnaire via the link:

After the confirmation of the valid bug by the Duet team, we will distribute 10 DUET/bug rewards to the users who submit a valid bug report to their address after the Duet mainnet is online.


When multiple users submit the same bug, the user who submits it first will get the reward.

Users can check the bug bounty updates and see if you are one of the winners by following Duet official Twitter account:

Event 3. The Spotlight

Help bring Duet Protocol under the spotlight by posting self-generated content on Duet protocol.


Users post content on Duet protocol on any UGC platform including but not limited to Twitter, Youtube, Medium, Mirror, in any language the user may prefer, together with a user-specific author link generated on the Duet website.

Once you have posted the content and the link, fill out the google form :

and send your media link to our Discord channel or Twitter posts comment to register for rewards. (please refer to the following articles for the details)

Participants will be rewarded with a total number of 10,000 Duet tokens with 3 different rewards.

“Most viewed Content Reward”: We will airdrop 5000 Duet tokens to the top 100 viewed content creators based on unique IP visits of the links. The reward will be distributed as follows:

“Most Informative Article Reward”: From all the contents, Duet will select a “the most informative article reward” for each unique language. The reward owners will share 3000 Duet.

“Participation Reward”: From all the registered participants, Duet will select 100 random users to be rewarded with 20 Duet tokens each for their effort of participating in the event.

Thank You!



Duet Protocol

Duet is world’s first multi-chain synthetic assets ecosystem, enabling pegged assets from various markets including stocks, indexes, ETFs, and commodities #web3